5 Jaw-Dropping Interior Design Ideas For 2020

2020 has been a year of considerable diversity. The great thing about interior design is that; it’s the perfect way for anybody to take inspiration to further impact their home renovations and tell a unique story through stylistic choices. Here are some of the coolest trends that have been making a big splash in 2020 for you to get invigorated.

Mustard is the new yellow

Balance is crucial to interior design ideas that positively impact the home’s decor and aesthetics, a colour like yellow is crucial because it is so striking. When it comes to mustard, you need to use the colour on all four walls, but only if the furniture and accessories are neutral. If mustard is too strong for your senses you can limit the colour to an accent wall, like a kitchen backsplash. Mustard yellow is an incredibly happy colour and works well in rooms that need a little bit more light on proceedings.


It’s not all about colour. Texture is one of the approaches being used to add an extra edge to rooms. Layering up different textures or similar colours can add that vibrancy to a room that is severely lacking. If you’re looking for simple ways to add texture, borders can create that extra pop to a room. There are plenty of great modern ranges of skirting boards that can create that border, adding an extra layer to a spare wall that serves no purpose. You can also lay up different textures with cushions or blankets, and you could also use plants, and even prints to add spring to your space.

Crittall Style windows and doors

Crittall style windows have been making a significant comeback in 2020. But now this dreamy black frame isn’t just being used for windows and doors; they are conquering every room in the home, being used as extensions, and even shower screens! While this is an industrial trend that may not work in everyone’s homes, it is a very popular way to bring a lot of light into a dark space- crucial in these dark times.

Home office

You wouldn’t have considered popular interior designers would ever think about the modest home office as an interior design trend, but with the increase in remote work, the essential need to create a productive workspace that works with the aesthetics of a home is now more crucial than ever. Many homes cannot house a home office, but there are ways to turn any small area of a home into a functional workspace. Not just guest rooms, but you can incorporate a corner of a bedroom or even make use of a spare closet. Incorporating a small shelf and a small secretary desk can turn any empty corner into a productive workspace.

Conopy beds

Longing for the past and creating a throwback feel is very much the overriding sensation of 2020 (for obvious reasons). And as throwbacks always come back into fashion, canopy beds are clearly the greatest example of an item that offers comfort with a touch of luxury. Be careful before you rush to install all a bed of this magnitude. The heavy-looking posts can very easily weigh down a tiny space.

Interior Design Summary

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