How to Restore Skirting Boards to Their Former Glory

Keeping your home looking great means you occasionally need to do DIY bits and pieces and touch-ups around the house. Restoring skirting boards might seem like a minimal job, but it can actually have a massive impact on your home if you do it right.

Skirting boards have such a massive impact on the interior of your home, but they are generally features you don’t even think about. Skirting board restoration is one of the best ways of improving the aesthetics of the property without labour-intensive and costly renovation work. Check out these ideas that can help you with skirting board restoration for the future.

Using Filler to Hide Chips

Chips in the skirting board can look unsightly, but there is also no reason to replace the entire thing just to hide some small imperfections. The best thing to do would be to make use of filler in order to cover and hide these chips. We recommend filling any imperfections and then repainting the skirting board to create a seamless blend between the original skirting board and the filler. This in turn creates the effect of great-looking skirting boards that look almost brand new again! Check out this quick tutorial which demonstrates how to use filler on a skirting board!

Skirting covers

Skirting covers play a huge part in improving the aesthetic appeal of your wall. These covers are easy to fit and simply sit over the top of the skirting as an excellent wall feature. They are the perfect solution for those looking to improve their existing skirting boards without the need for too much DIY. Offering an excellent way of revamping the skirting boards, and changing the aesthetic in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Repainting & Sanding Skirting Board

Repainting and sanding skirting boards is one of the key things to consider in the restoration process. Whether you have Edwardian skirting or a more modern kind, it is important to make sure you have a process for sanding and repainting. Sanding is important as it removes all the impurities in the skirting before you repaint, such as chipped or damaged wood, paint stains, dirt & grit, grime, and superficial damage.

Old skirting boards should be sanded down using sandpaper before getting started, as this provides a smoother surface, easier for painting. Choose what works best for you and make sure you’ve got all the right equipment for the process.

Buying New Skirting Boards if the Old Ones are Warped

Of course, you may decide you would rather buy new skirting boards if the old ones are warped and feel beyond repair. In this position it would be best to probably favour MDF skirting boards, as these have a much lower chance of warping. Moisture resistant skirting will ensure your skirting boards have greater longevity and remain low-maintenance. My Skirting Boards design and manufacture a wide range of skirting boards, from modern, standard and traditional designs.

Things to Look Out For

It is important to be aware of the dangers you may face while working on your skirting boards, and this includes things like electrical hazards. What’s more, making sure you wear a face mask will help protect you from breathing in potentially harmful dust and fumes, and ensure the working area is safe.

If you can follow these ideas, you’ll be able to work on improving the way your skirting boards look, and restore them to impressive and attractive features that are essential to the aesthetic value of the home.

Skirting Provided by My Skirting Boards

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