Cesar MDF Architrave



A single set provides enough material to cover one side of a single doorway, it consists of 2 pieces of 2440mm and 1 piece of 1220mm.

A double set provides enough material to cover one side of a double doorway. It consists of 3 pieces of 2440mm.


Your order will be delivered in its raw state, sanded and unprimed ready for on-site application. PLEASE NOTE all items in our next day range are supplied pre-primed, unprimed option is not available for these products.


Your order will be sanded and primed twice and will be delivered ready for final undercoat and top coat on site. Having your order supplied pre-primed will save you a lot of time and is very cost-effective. Most of our products are ready for final coat on site however on some of the deeper cut profiles a light sanding and undercoat may be required prior to finishing coat.

No rebate

Your order will be supplied with a square back to sit snug against the wall.


Ideal for hiding wires, cable and small pipes, our rebate option is available on all skirting boards, the rebate is cut 10mm x 30mm on the back of the board.

We understand that for most people a confirmed delivery date if essential to avoid taking priority over more important things in life, with this in mind we offer several options for delivery of your order.

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Bulk Discounts

Quantity Price
10 - 19 £9.07£45.56
20 - 29 £8.84£44.39
30 - 39 £8.60£43.23
40 - 1000 £8.37£42.06