Why Every Home Needs Skirting Boards

Most homes have skirting boards, but have you ever wondered why? What those skirting boards might actually be doing for the home and why they are so commonly featured? Few people are fully aware of this, and it’s something worth knowing. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the main reasons for having skirting boards in your home, whether you’ve just bought a new house or you’re renovating.

Hide Unplastered Walls

Often, and especially in older houses, you’ll find the bottom parts of a wall have not been plastered. This is because plastering all the way to the floor will likely cause damp to affect the bottom of the plaster, causing it to warp and move away from the skirting boards. Skirting boards are simply the best way to hide these gaps whilst letting prevent damp!

Prevent Damage

It’s so easy to bump walls when moving furniture around, over the years they will likely become scuffed and damaged through general wear and tear, more so if you have kids running around! As long as you have skirting boards installed, you’ll find that your walls stay pristine for much longer.

If you’re really serious about keeping your walls safe from moving furniture and accidental knocks, then consider installing dado rails – they’re like skirting boards but they sit around a meter from the floor, with the intention of protecting walls from furniture. Similar to skirting boards and dado rails are architraves – these are featured around doorways and prevent damage to the plasterboard.

Decorative Purposes

Many people agree that having skirting boards in the home makes for a much more decorative and attractive sight. What’s more, with so many different styles of skirting board to choose from, you can always find skirting boards that compliment your home’s interior. Furthermore, there’s nothing stopping you from installing varying styles of skirting board throughout your home. However you wish to decorate, you can make sure your skirting boards suit the theme and style. Try adding a lick of paint to complement the design of your rooms!

Hide Wires & Cables

Choosing skirting boards which feature a rebate is a perfect way to hide away all of those unsightly cables and wires. Our rebate option is available on all of our skirting boards at a size of 10mm x 30mm on the back of the board. Hiding wires and cables doesn’t just help with the aesthetics of the home, it also keeps the place safe from trips hazards.


In the long-run, investing in skirting boards to protect your walls from damage will prove to be much cheaper than re-plastering walls. Skirting boards are relatively cheap considering the benefits they bring to your home and adding or replacing skirting boards can even increase the value of your property. A wise investment!

Merging Floors and Walls With a Moisture Resistant Barrier

Skirting boards really tie a room together, offering a seamless transition from floor to wall. They elegantly merge the two (often contrasting) elements into a seamless work of art. In the case of tiled, laminate or lino flooring, skirting boards also over a layer of protection to your walls from moisture brought on by mopping. If you use a mop around your home, a brilliant way to protect your walls from the moisture is to use a poly-filler, running it across the bottom of the skirting and pushing it into the crevice with a wet cloth. Check this video out for more information!


Skirting boards are a must-have feature in any home. The benefits they bring massively out-weight the cost, which isn’t much! Here at My Skirting Boards, all of our skirting boards are manufactured with moisture-resistant qualities and can be rebated or primed for further protection. If you’re looking to improve your home with skirting boards, we can assist you! Contact sales@myskirtingboards.co.uk today for advice from our friendly team.

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